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Our 1st PC prod
2nd at FIASKO 2k!

UpUp published
in Japan magazine
Windows 100%!
  • 01-Nov-00. Our page got a face-lift. The man behind the new design is Jofa. The HTML code was improved, too, so the page is now easier to maintain and extend.
  • 22-Oct-00. Upup goes overseas! The Japanese "Windows 100%" magazine writes about our demo and publishes it on its CD-ROM.
  • 20-Aug-00. The second major Vectors 2K release, and our first production for the PC. A demo named Upup hits the 2nd place at the Fiasko 2K party.
  • 10-Jul-00. Milos Rohovsky, a musician formerly known to Amigans as MR/Vectors, opens his own page on www.mp3.com. You can download some of his pieces and compare them with his old Amiga MODs. :-)))
  • 07-Jun-00. Improved (and fixed) version of Ten added. Now you can run it from an icon, listen to the music in full quality and run it on a 030 with FPU (and under WinUAE as well!)
  • 29-Apr-00. Vectors' new production: a 64KB intro called Ten - created to commemorate our 10th anniversary. Initially it was supposed to be shown at Mekka&Symposium 2K, finally released at the local Apocalypse 2K party, where it took the first place.
  • Vectors are getting older ;) We are celebrating the 10th anniversary of our existence this summer!
  • Added the complete archive of all EXIT diskmag issues. Run it under the WinUAE emulator and feel the authentic atmosphere of the past scene years!